Jouve Skin Tightening: New Breakthrough for Treating Skin Problems

Introducing Jouve

Right now the world is waiting for the final launch on November 14 of Jouve Instant Tightening product. According to health experts Jouve is a revolutionary breakthrough that the world has been waiting for to enjoy youthful vitality.

Dr. Ginger, one of the industry’s most respected expert physician and safe ingredient expert said there are lots of companies that developed products that might have a couple of really great ingredients. But they are cheap and they used toxic, potentially dangerous ingredients that ruin the whole thing.

“And so I love this line Jouve because they’re really taking a lot of time to formulate, to talk to the top formulators and talk to dermatologists in the country and really spend a lot of time to pull together these ingredients. They’re really particular what they put in. I love each individual ingredient. It has its own purpose. Even the preservatives, we are using fermented radish root. Who does that? I mean, they’re just awesome,” she claimed.

jouveNovember 14th Jouve launching

ARIIX Company will be launching Jouve in the market this month. It is the company’s sixth brand. Jouve is a result of the experts, chemists, scientists and dermatologist’s collaboration, which is also based on four very important criteria such as safe, therapeutic, effective and multifunctional.

Dr. Ginger reveals why the four criteria is very vital in Jouve’s formulation. Jouve skin care was created as a completely one-of-a-kind skin care line that meets Ariix’s product standards. In fact, this brand has been developed in line with Ariix’s overall mission of creating safe and effective products to improve the health and well-being of people around the world.

Jouve is Safe, Effective, Therapeutic & Multi-functional 

Safe – While there are many skin care lines and cosmetics that can be harmful due toxin contents, Ariix’s meticulously created products that won’t use ingredients which can pose long-term health risks.

Effective – Customers must enjoy any product sold and show visible and true reports.

Therapeutic – Aside from the so-called visible results, Jouve’s products must be composed of ingredients that help nourish and gives protection to the skin, and also restore health and radiance.

Multi-functional – The product name has in included the word “and” showing that there is more than one product that has many benefits.

“This brand has been a long time coming,” says Cassidy Bergdorf, Jouve Brand Manager. “We didn’t want to rush it. We wanted to make sure we are delivering the safest and most effective solutions to skin care, the world has ever seen. We could not be more proud of Jouve and can’t wait to see how it’s going to transform lives around the world.”


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