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ARIIX Top Executive, Health Expert Showcase Their Take On Jouve Products

Jouve formulation superb!

A top-ranking officer and founder of ARIIX Products and a health expert showcase their take on the arrival of Jouve, the sixth brand of ARIIX which is highly researched and very useful products in controlling fine lines, including wrinkles.

Deanna Latson, ARIIX founder and Chief Product Officer said Jouve is one of the best anti-aging products today on the planet. Jouve’s Instant Tightening & Restoring Serum and Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Cream is now sold in North America Canada, and the European Union after its successful launch this month.

“We have a comprehensive anti-aging program. With the addition of Jouve, the Optimals, Vinali, we got beauty best which is great for the skin and the hair and nails. Vinali, which is really fantastic on the skin, as well helps with collagen, the Optimals that kept about the young on the outside. And now with the addition of Jouve, nowhere else can you find a more comprehensive anti-aging beauty program? At Jouve, we care about your outside and your inside because the average woman gets exposed to hundreds of chemicals before she ever leaves the bathroom in the morning,” Deanna Latson, ARIIX founder & chief product officer said.

Jouve is clinically proven effective

And we know that your skin is not a barrier it’s a carrier. So what you put on goes in. So this is our promise to you. We would never use parabens, or pegs or artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, petroleum-based ingredients, sulfate, synthetics, artificial colors, we don’t test on animals, and we look for sustainable ingredients. Jouve is clinically proven, effective, safe for you and your family because we care about the entire you.

In the last 2 years our RND department our chemist, our formulators have been working tirelessly to create a truly comprehensive program with all the products speak together beautifully. It’s like we’re finally there. It’s the moment, the most amazing products with the best results at one of our most exciting launches. So don’t miss this amazing moment and try Jouve.

Dr. Ginger, one of the industry’s most respected expert physicians and safe ingredient expert said there are lots of companies that developed products that might have a couple of really great ingredients. But they are cheap and they used toxic, potentially dangerous ingredients that ruin the whole thing.

“And so I love this line Jouve because they’re really taking a lot of time to formulate it, to talk to the top formulators and talk to dermatologists in the country and really spend a lot of time to pull together these ingredients. They’re really particular what they put in. I love each individual ingredient. It has its own purpose. Even the preservatives, we are using fermented radish root. Who does that? I mean, they’re just awesome.” Dr. Ginger says.

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